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 ‘Fairness in Franchising’ – The Call for Equitable Exit Arrangements

23 May 2019

Chapter 11 of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services ‘Fairness in Franchising Report’ – published in March 2019 – covered the termination of franchise agreements.

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‘Fairness in Franchising’ – Unfair Contract Terms in Franchising Agreements

09 April 2019

Last month, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services published its ‘Fairness in Franchising report’ (Report). The terms of reference for the Report were released over 12 months ago and more than 400 submissions were received, mostly from franchisees.

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Transport & Logistics Contracts – Common but Fatal Traps

01 March 2019

Contracts to provide transport or logistics services are vital to business success, but if not well negotiated, can have serious or even fatal consequences for the transport or logistics provider.

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Tenders: high rewards but high risks

03 December 2018

Governments and, increasingly big companies, are using tender processes (including Request for Proposals and Request for Tenders) to award contracts to transport and logistics companies.

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Parallel importing just got easier

26 October 2018

There has been a significant amendment to the Trade Marks Act 1995 which further entrenches the legality of parallel imports in Australia.

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What your organisation needs to know about mandatory data breach notifications

16 May 2018

Mandatory data breach reporting requirements commenced on 22 February 2018. Organisations that are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) need to report certain data breaches to the affected individual(s) and the Australian Information Commissioner.

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‘Best (act) Before’ Country of Origin food labelling deadlines are enforceable

09 May 2018

How to prepare to comply

From 1 July 2018 food businesses must comply with labelling requirements set out by the Australian Government which aim to provide consumers with greater transparency on the origin of their food.

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Landmark Royce Hotel sale settles into safe hands of Melbourne hotelier and pub owner

18 February 2018

St Kilda’s Royce Hotel has changed hands, with Melbourne pub owner Mazen Tabet and the Tabet Investment Group purchasing the freehold and business for a $55 million purchase price.

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Must your personal information actually be about you? Court decision defines ‘personal’

08 March 2017

In a recent case involving Telstra, the Full Federal Court has confirmed that personal information must be information about an individual before it will be protected and regulated by the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

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Forgiving quarantined Div. 7A loans & UPEs

12 December 2016

Latest news from Rigby Cooke’s tax team. Making sense of the #austax system.

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trade mark registration

Is your brand protected?

06 October 2016

IP Australia fee changes looming – Renew your existing trade mark registration now to save.

IP Australia has announced a change to its fee structure. You can find out more here.

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customers on credit

Getting the terms of trade right: lessons for traders

09 September 2016

Many of our clients trade with customers on credit. When doing so, there is a risk that customers might be unable to pay.

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Employees leaving – IT forensic accountant and confidentiality

05 September 2016

Prudent business owners will go to great lengths to protect their intellectual property and confidential information from their employees and competitors.

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To agree or not to agree

05 September 2016

One of the golden rules when entering into an agreement is to ensure that all the terms are recorded in writing and signed by the relevant parties. As the old saying goes, a verbal agreement is as good as the paper it is written on.

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Caught in the act: adultery website falls short on privacy

05 September 2016

Ashley Madison breached a number of its obligations under Australian privacy law in the months leading up to a cyber-attack on its customer database in July 2015, a joint report by the Canadian and Australian privacy commissioners found recently.

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Victorian Manufacturers breakfast

Insights from the Victorian Manufacturers breakfast

22 July 2016

We are pleased to have co-hosted our first Victorian Manufacturers breakfast with Klugo.

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Copyright ownership for software

Copyright ownership for software developers – who really owns the code?

15 June 2016

Many businesses are familiar with engaging a software developer to create a product or application, however the devil is in the detail when it comes to ownership of the end product.

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