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06 October 2016

IP Australia fee changes looming – Renew your existing trade mark registration now to save.

IP Australia has announced a change to its fee structure. You can find out more here.

As part of the changes, on 10 October 2016 the fee to renew a registered trade mark will increase from $300 per class to $400 per class.

Trade marks must be renewed every 10 years. If your trade mark is due be renewed before 10 October 2017, you can renew your trade mark before 10 October 2016 and take advantage of the current fees.

Not sure when you trade mark is due be renewed?

We can do the research for you and assist you to renew your trade mark.

Email our Intellectual Property team.

Are your name and logo protected as a registered trade mark?

Trade mark registration is the highest and best form of brand protection. If you register your trade mark, you can stop other people from using substantially identical or deceptively similar trade marks for the same or similar goods and services.

Registration of a business or company name will not give you any intellectual property protection.

We can provide you with advice as to whether your name or logo can be registered as a trade mark in Australia. We can also assist you if you wish to seek intellectual property protection for your name and logo overseas.

Are your trade mark registrations up to date?

Your trade mark is your brand. Trade marks can include names, logos, jingles, colours and packaging which are used to distinguish your goods and services from those of other traders.
If you have changed any aspect of your brand (including colour or style), you must ensure that your trade mark registration is updated at the same time otherwise you risk losing the protection of your registered trade mark.

We can assist you to formulate and execute a trade mark strategy for your business.

Are you thinking about rebranding?

Starting a new business, or changing the branding of an existing business? How do you know that your new logo and style is not substantially identical or deceptively similar to other businesses providing similar goods or services to your business?

Before starting a new business or launching your new branding, it is critical that you undertake the appropriate research to ensure your new brand is not the same or similar to other names or brands.

Protecting your brand is vital to the success of your business. Our expert team can provide you with tailored brand availability research and reports and cost effective advice on trade mark registration and management.

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