Buying or selling, managing or developing; when you are involved with large-scale commercial or industrial property, you have to manage multiple stakeholders and at the same time be confident you are making the right decisions. Private individuals also need the same confidence.

Rigby Cooke can provide professional advice backed by years of experience to help you turn your property idea into a successful outcome.

We work with all levels of clients and advisors, private clients or developers of all sizes on residential, government, commercial and industrial projects, including high rise projects, shopping centres, greenfield subdivisions, mixed use developments, industrial parks and leasing matters.

We have a solid understanding of the requirements of all stakeholders in the process, including financiers, and understand the unique contractual needs of all stages of multi-lot subdivisions and high density development.

For developer clients who are selling a number of properties, we can also offer a unique tool, InFlo, which allows you to track in real time the status of your transaction.

Our expertise includes:

  • Commercial, government, retail, industrial and residential leasing, including documentation and negotiation
  • Buying and selling property, including vacant land, corporate real estate, industrial parks, mixed use developments, off the plan developments, and transactions through auction, tenders and private treaty
  • Conveyancing, including management of large scale developments with software enabled real time sales reporting and access to virtual data rooms
  • Owners Corporation matters, and management contracts with agents and managers
  • Planning and environment issues, including remediation of polluted sites, covenants and easements
  • Financial issues including financing structures (trusts and joint ventures)
  • Tax advice including land tax, stamp duty, GST and Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) arrangements.
  • Private client residential, commercial or investment dealings.

Sales and Purchase

When buying or selling a residential, commercial, industrial or investment property, there are special issues that need to be considered.

For example, there are financial issues such as GST implications; physical issues such as potential site contamination; compliance such as liquor and gaming licensing; and process aspects related to gaining approval for changes to the use of the property.

Rigby Cooke has the experience you need to advise on and manage all aspects of property transactions. We are able to help a broad range of clients including individuals, property funds, national retailers and developers, and hotel owners, developers and operators.

We also have an experienced team of law clerks who can manage off-the-plan sales. Their experience ranges from small and boutique developments with high worth apartment prices to more traditional off the plan apartment sales in multi-level subdivisions, where our capabilities allow us to comfortably settle multiple lots per day.

To help clients track multiple transactions, we can also offer a unique tool, INFLOW, which allows you to monitor in real time the status of your transaction.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • sales – document requirements, discharge of mortgages, transfers
  • purchases – structure, asset protection, restrictions, transfers
  • off the plan sales and purchase advice and documentation
  • mortgagee sales mortgage of leasehold or freehold land
  • liquor and gaming licensing 
  • company charges
  • solicitors’ certificates
  • buying and selling businesses and licenses 
  • finance and securities advice.

Rigby Cooke is recommended as a commercial property expert by independent property portal and news website Commercial Property Guide

Property Development

When you are developing property, you need expert advice from the planning stages through to completion and sales.

Rigby Cooke’s experience with property development means we can help streamline the whole conveyancing process from the initial documentation, through to the registration of the plan of subdivision and notification to purchasers of their impending settlement, to the ultimate settlement.

We can help you deal with project financiers and joint venture parties, advise on planning permits and appeal permit conditions if required, and draft Section 173 agreements.

Our experts can also provide support for procurement for the development project and advise on agreements with contractors.

Our experienced team of clerks can manage off-the-plan sales for residential and commercial developments, with the capacity to comfortably settle multiple lots per day.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • development and construction contracts
  • property structures, trusts, joint ventures and project management agreements
  • land acquisition and compensation
  • planning advice, submissions and appeals
  • stamp duty,  land tax, GST and  Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) issues
  • Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).

Financing, Leasing and Asset Protection

Buying or developing a property can bring with it large financial risks, complex accountabilities and onerous compliance.

Rigby Cooke can advise you at the early stages of your property purchase or development on matters of financing and asset protection, to ensure your business and personal financial matters are kept separate.  This allows you to focus on taking your business forward with the appropriate levels of risk.

We can also advise on renting or leasing arrangements and owners’ corporation agreements.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • mortgage of leasehold or freehold land
  • company charges
  • solicitors’ certificates
  • manner of ownership
  • agreements between owners
  • trust arrangements
  • Retail Leases Act
  • shopping centre leases
  • agreements to lease, leases and supporting documents
  • renewal of lease and rent reviews
  • transfers of leases, surrender of leases and “make good” issues
  • releases for outgoing tenants and guarantors.
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