Our international service provides our clients with expert legal advice and support, wherever in the world they are doing business. 

We represent many overseas clients investing in Australia as well as Australian businesses operating and seeking to expand internationally.

Any activities that cross country borders have a raft of special challenges and requirements, particularly in this digital age where business can be conducted internationally without even leaving the country.

If you are running an Australian business with a global market, our intellectual property team can act on your behalf on matters such as parallel imports, trademarks and domain name disputes.

Our Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) alliance means we can extend our services internationally, which ensures you have access to top quality international legal resources when and where they are needed.

We can help you with:

Property Investment

Rigby Cooke can offer a multi-skilled team with expertise across property investment and development, taxation, foreign investment, and migration, enabling us to support international investors as they enter the Australian property market.

Property investment in a foreign country is a complex undertaking, and you need to have confidence in the people who are advising you about the country’s regulatory and compliance environments.

In addition, you want advisers who also understand the investment lifecycle and the unique challenges presented by property investment, including ownership and tenancy issues.

We have a solid understanding of the requirements of all stakeholders in the process, including financiers, and understand the unique contractual needs of all stages of multi-lot subdivisions and high density development.

Wills & Estates

Today we live in a global community. Family and friends are often living in different countries, and it is possible to buy or inherit property and other assets in another country.

Foreign Assets can lead to special challenges when it comes time to administer an estate. For example, the sale of property in another country requires knowledge of that country’s tax and statutory laws. In other situations, beneficiaries may be located in other countries which impose different taxes and charges on Trusts or foreign property.  Often the taxes and charges will be calculated differently depending on the citizenship or residence of the individual concerned.

In cases of trusts created by Wills, it can be difficult to locate beneficiaries who have moved from their last known location.

Rigby Cooke Lawyers have extensive experience in untangling the complexities of Wills and estates when there is an international element.

Our services include reseal of court grants (granting of probate in Victoria for foreign Wills, where there are Victorian assets to be distributed) or managing the distribution of international assets.

Our lawyers are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), a professional organisation that provides us with an outstanding international network of peers we can call on to help with your matter.

If there is a dispute around a Will or trust, and international resources are needed, our local litigation experts can team up with our international partners to get the outcome you want.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Reseal of foreign grants of probate
  • Grants of probate of foreign wills
  • Working with international firms.
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