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New government’s proposed workplace relations reforms

17 June 2022

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) proposed a number of amendments in the workplace and industrial relations space which, given the election outcome, the Albanese government is likely to pursue.

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Australian Consumer Law

Ensure promotional material complies with Australian Consumer Law

05 July 2021

This article was first published on 29 June 2021 by AMTIL.

Regardless of how you promote products and services to consumers, it is critical to ensure that all product packaging, advertising materials and marketing collateral complies with Australian Consumer Law (ACL), explain Ian Rosenfeld, Emma Simpson and Ian Liu.

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Manufacturing Strategy

Federal Budget 2020 – Modern Manufacturing Strategy

09 October 2020

The Federal Budget 2020 sees the Morrison Government investing $1.5 billion in new funding over five years from 2020-21 to support the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. This strategy is an integral part of the Government’s $74 billion JobMaker Plan to tackle rising unemployment with sustainable long-term jobs.

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The risks and consequences of new industrial manslaughter laws

05 March 2020

With the recent introduction of the offence of workplace manslaughter in Victoria, it is important for organisations and their officers to understand the risks should they fail to maintain their health and safety obligations and how the consequences differ across the nation.

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Company directors personally liable for unpaid GST

What corporate veil? Company directors personally liable for unpaid GST

25 February 2020

From 1 April 2020, in a significant extension to the director penalty regime, company directors will be personally liable for unpaid GST (including luxury car tax and wine equalisation tax).

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Tenders: high rewards but high risks for the manufacturing industry

11 December 2019

Governments and, increasingly big companies, are using tender processes (including Request for Proposals and Request for Tenders) to award contracts to Australian manufacturers.

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Work cover claims

The price of safety goes up for employers! 

11 December 2019

Australian manufacturers know that safety must be part of the business culture. Manufacturing has always carried a high risk of physical injury.

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Smart contracts – transacting in the digital era

26 November 2018

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, more and more people have become aware of blockchain technology, and its potential to revolutionise payments systems. However, blockchain has many applications beyond cryptocurrency. ‘Smart contracts’ – computer code which execute the terms of an agreement have the potential to revolutionise commercial transactions.

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Parallel importing just got easier

26 October 2018

There has been a significant amendment to the Trade Marks Act 1995 which further entrenches the legality of parallel imports in Australia.

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Is your personal information protected?

01 October 2018

Privacy and data protection concerns the management of personal information. The definition of personal information is broad and captures most information about an identified or identifiable individual. This includes for example names, photographs, basic contact information, credit card details and information about a person’s location at a specific point in time.

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cloud based platforms

Industry 4.0: The Next Industrial Revolution is Coming

12 December 2016

What do you know about Industry 4.0? Are you prepared for how it could affect your business? Everyone’s talking about it – but what does it actually mean? Klugo and Rigby Cooke held a learning luncheon to delve in and discuss Industry 4.0.

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