Protecting your wealth should be a priority, but tax and financial law and regulation is complex; it can be difficult to know where to start.

The best place to start is with good advice.

Rigby Cooke Lawyers can set up your affairs using vehicles such as trust structures, to ensure your wealth continues to grow.

Drawing on the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, we help to structure businesses, investments, personal assets and key transactions; we have outstanding tax law professionals who can assist with achieving regulatory compliance and a positive outcome.

You can call on our superannuation expertise to build the best transition to retirement, while ensuring your assets are used in an effective way.

We can also provide the most experienced people to advise you on structuring your estate so your wealth will continue to benefit the people you want it to.

In addition, we have strong international networks and expertise, so can help with any wealth matters beyond Australia’s borders.

At Rigby Cooke, we thrive on challenge, so we can help you find a solution that fits your needs, no matter how complex. 

Succession planning

No-one can work forever. Whether you run a small business or a large one, at some point you will retire or wind down your involvement. Perhaps you have other plans; you enjoy establishing businesses and watching them grow, but you want to keep moving and creating new businesses.

Succession planning is an important part of any businessperson’s overall strategy. Whether it is finding a suitable person to run the company in your place, or transitioning the family company to a new state, you need to be sure you have the best advice available.

Rigby Cooke’s multidisciplinary team can guide you through succession planning by advising you on all the considerations, including the impacts of different decisions. Whether it is business or individual succession planning you need, we will help you work out the best strategy.

We can also help you install protections so that the outcome you want is achieved, and not disrupted by other parties.

Asset protection and trusts

Do you manage a superannuation fund? Or are you thinking of setting up a fund?

Constantly changing financial and tax considerations make the establishment and management of superannuation funds a minefield. Your number one priority is managing the fund for the maximum benefit of its members. You need the best advice right from the beginning.

However, if you’re managing an established fund, you will also face regular challenges, such as understanding the laws relating to contributions, the provision of benefits to members, investment rules and property development, borrowing arrangements, and more.

Rigby Cooke Lawyers have the expertise and experience that makes us a leader in the field, and we can help you with all aspects of establishing and managing a superannuation fund.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • advice in relation to the establishment and activities of superannuation funds
  • assisting trustees and auditors on all fund statutory and regulatory issues
  • advising on tax issues for employers, funds and members
  • dealing with the ATO for all fund matters including tax audits
  • advising and planning in relation to contributions
  • advising and planning in relation to the provision of superannuation benefits to members
  • advising on investment rules and property development
  • advising on limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • GST, stamp duty and land tax advice for all superannuation arrangements
  • objections and appeals against amended superannuation assessments
  • reviewing superannuation deeds
  • updating deeds to ensure compliance
  • superannuation guarantee charge issues 


At Rigby Cooke, we understand the complexities around planning for your future, and can help take the stress out of establishing and maintaining your superannuation.

We can help with:

  • establishing new superannuation funds
  • amending existing superannuation deeds so they remain compliant with the current laws
  • death benefit planning
  • preparing binding death benefit nominations
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