The Legal Life – Rob Jackson – South East Business Hub edition

15 October 2019

Meet Rob Jackson, who is one of the partners leading the strategy around our South East Business Hub in Dandenong South.

Rob shares what he enjoys most about working in the legal sector and an interesting fact about himself.

Rob Jackson

What do you think sets Rigby Cooke Lawyers apart from other firms?


Whether it is a traditional legal textbook solution, or a strategy requiring different specialist disciplines, commercial acumen, within a budget, we are flexible enough to deliver.

What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

The law!

De-mystifying legal knowledge and applying legal experience to make life easier.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to specialise in Workplace Relations? 

Just do it!

This area is unique in applying human nature, and its strengths or weaknesses in decision-making. Knowing the law is essential, but still not enough. Understanding psychology and being emotionally literate are the foundations for building a motivated workforce. Often overlooked in making successful business decisions.

What excites you about the South East Business Hub?


Technology brings us together, but nothing substitutes for the ability to meet face to face at short notice!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

Not much, really!

In my spare time I prefer to sleep. Never at work though. Sleep also has proven health benefits.