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Global trade market cast in protectionist shadow; Top International Trade Partner joins Rigby Cooke

16 December 2016

Top international trade specialist Andrew Hudson has joined Rigby Cooke Lawyers as a Partner in its fast-growing litigation team.

The move comes at a time when there are significant concerns over the possible adverse effects of Brexit and the US election on international trade which coincides with a demonstrable rise in anti-trade rhetoric and calls for protectionist actions. At a time when global economic growth is slowing the instinctive response can be to raise barriers and try to protect domestic economies while economic theory, practice and historical data shows such actions to actually be counter-productive.

Andrew Hudson notes that ‘It is an important time to continue support for the free and fair trade agenda and to work with governments and their agencies to guard against the potential adverse impacts of these defensive measures on all in the international and domestic supply chains. While there are significant benefits to be gained from trade liberalization, the regulators of that trade are showing higher expectations for compliance by those in the supply chain. As the regulation becomes more complex and enforcement more active, it is vital that those who are affected are able to secure appropriate advice to reduce risks before they arise – and then to respond to those actions which are initiated.’

Andrew Hudson said ‘I look forward to working alongside Rigby Cooke’s well-respected Corporate, Litigation, Tax and Workplace Relations teams to deliver a complimentary and full service offering to manufacturing, logistics and international trade clients exposed as a result of global market uncertainty. The move enables me to provide assistance to all those in the supply chain, including in the area of land-side logistics where new Heavy Vehicle Regulation increases potential risks and liabilities.’

Mr. Hudson specialises in all areas of international trade law and customs, as well as government relations, and corporate and commercial law.

Rigby Cooke Lawyers’ Executive Chairman, Bill Karvela said ‘Andrew adds another dimension to our current specialisation in International Trade, and Transport and Logistics at a time when continuous market change is presenting problems for business in import, export, freight, manufacturing and shipping.’

‘Mr Hudson’s expertise in international and domestic trade law – having advised on flagship cases involving dumping and alleged underpayments of customs duty, alleged breaches of licence conditions by service providers and litigation – adds significant credentials to Rigby Cooke’s service offering.’

‘Andrew’s reputation amongst his industry peers precedes him and we are very proud to now offer his strong industry knowledge and legal advisory services to our clients’ Mr Karvela announced.

Mr Hudson is a highly-respected industry leader, and prolific media commentator on all aspects of international trade and customs. He is a member of the board of directors and regular spokesperson for the Export Council of Australia (ECA) and the Food and Beverage Importers of Australia (FBIA). Andrew is also a member of many of the advisory and consultative bodies established by the border agencies including the National Committee on Trade Facilitation and the International Trade Remedies Forum, as well as the various subsidiary groups established by those bodies. This enables Andrew to engage on important policy and practice development issues.

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