The Legal Life – meet Sam Eichenbaum

03 February 2020

Workplace Relations Partner Sam Eichenbaum has been named as one of Victoria’s leading employment lawyers in the Doyles Guide for five years in a row. Sam shares his career highlights and some thoughts for those just starting out in their legal career.

Why did you choose law and your specialist practice area?

It was a series of fortuitous events – there wasn’t really any planning or choice involved.

Who has been your biggest mentor? 

My science honours supervisor and boss in my first professional job – he read lots of management theories and passed on some key messages to me.

What is the best piece of advice you can give lawyers starting out today? 

Make sure you enjoy your work and revel in your successes. There will always be ups and downs – the ups need to outweigh the downs.

What is your morning ritual/exercise regime?

A series of back strengthening exercises before breakfast and then a walk and train ride listening to podcasts on the way to work.

What has been a career highlight?

Working with lots of very bright people and being able to play a part in the development of some of them.