The Legal Life – meet Ian Liu

10 March 2021

Ian Liu is a Lawyer in our Corporate & Commercial team.

Ian shares his goals for 2021 and what he enjoys most about working in the legal sector.

Ian Liu

Last good book, podcast of Film?

Many books are “good”, but the Outline trilogy by Rachel Cusk was “great’, which for me is a pretty limited category. Cusk is one of the finest technicians writing in English today.

How do you unwind?

By having interests outside the professional environment. I try to accept most things with equanimity, though enduring myself in the everyday is a constant challenge. Life, and the humanity and compassion of others, provides me with many opportunities for self-refinement.

What do you enjoy most about working in the legal sector?

Our system of law is one of the vastest products of the human mind. It exists not as a chimeric dream, but as a part of the lives of people. As practitioners, we stand on the shoulders of the countless legal titans who have preceded us, and each of us is responsible for making some addition or improvement (however trifling) to the mighty whole. We owe our finest work to the institution, our intellectual community, and our clients. The law is both safety and containment, allowing certain ideas to emerge while limiting the possibility of others. And, as a shared consciousness, the law addresses nothing less ambitious than how to live in relationships with others, and its operation reveals devastating truths about the complexities of power.

What are your goals for 2021?

To develop reserves of compassion and empathy for others as a way of examining myself and of accepting my own flaws; to become a better noticer of detail and nuance in literature, and in life; to be with, and learn what it is to be a person through, other people; and to be contented with life, exactly as life presents itself to me at any given moment.