The Legal Life – Andrew Hudson – South East Business Hub edition

29 August 2019

Meet Andrew Hudson, who is one of the partners leading the strategy around our South East Business Hub in Dandenong South.

Andrew shares an interesting fact about himself and advice for those wanting to specialise in Customs and Trade.

Andrew Hudson

What excites you about the South East Business Hub?

Two things to start with. One, it is an initiative which we have developed together with my colleagues. Working together on new shared ideas is exciting. Second, it allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market – and we are different!

What do you think sets Rigby Cooke Lawyers apart from other firms?

A lot of firms talk about understanding their clients and wanting to be part of their business. I don’t think you can ever fully understand their business in all its details, nor can you totally be part of the business. After all you are being brought in from the outside for a particular project or a particular problem. However I think that the best position is to be a trusted adviser who has a good working knowledge of the business and the factors affecting the business locally and internationally. Someone who is the first call or who approaches the client with news or an idea. On that basis I am firmly of the view that Rigby Cooke Lawyers excels in the role as trusted adviser not just as lawyers.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to specialise in Customs and Trade?  

Only do it if you are actually interested in the area. Get an idea of what are live issues. Prepare to do a lot of the work yourself and educate yourself. It’s not all about international trade law at the Word Trade Organization. There aren’t any undergraduate courses and the postgraduate ones in the area push you into a niche which you may not like or may be obscure. Look at affected industries, do some homework on the legal issues affecting them and be able to help in other legal areas as well as your speciality. Be prepared to travel and work remotely – and not in a glamorous way

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

I have an ancestor buried in the aisle of Westminster Abbey right in the middle. A legendary colleague of Lord Nelson. A member of the House of Lords, a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy, who helped Brazil and Peru to secure independence from their Colonial leaders while he was tossed out of England on false charges which he overturned. Both countries lay wreaths on his tomb on their national days. There are books about him. He was one of the subjects of “Master and Commander” played by Russell Crowe.