A highly skilled lawyer with in-depth knowledge and experience, Kamila works with a diverse range of clients, including construction companies, developers, architects and engineers, to provide legal support and advice on all stages of construction projects, from contract negotiation, risk management to dispute resolution.

Recognising the complex and multifaceted nature of construction projects, which often involve multiple stakeholders and inherent risks, Kamila adopts a proactive and strategic approach to her practice. She remains dedicated to helping clients achieve their objectives while minimising legal risks and resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

Significant experience

Kamila’s experience includes:

  • Advising clients on various types of construction projects, ranging from large-scale commercial and residential developments to infrastructure projects.
  • Reviewing construction contracts, identifying potential risks, ambiguities, and noncompliance issues.
  • Advising clients on contractual obligations such as extensions of time and notices of dispute.
  • Representing clients in dispute resolution, including mediation and litigation involving construction-related disputes.
  • Drafting construction contracts and consultancy agreements.
  • Assisting in negotiations and settlement discussions with opposing parties to achieve favourable outcomes for clients.
  • Briefing expert witnesses and preparation of expert reports.

Kamila works with