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The legal life – meet Julia Cameron

15 May 2020

Julia Cameron is a Partner in Rigby Cooke’s Corporate & Commercial group and Practice Lead for the Privacy & Data Protection team with over 10 years of legal experience. Julia specialises in corporate and commercial advice, commercial agreements, transactions, intellectual property and information technology.

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Privacy Week wrap up – What have we learnt?

08 May 2020

As Privacy Awareness Week 2020 draws to a close we reflect on what businesses can do to ‘Reboot your privacy’ as well as some current hot topics in the Australian privacy space:

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personal information, Privacy Week, Working From Home, Myths V Facts, Data Breach, Personal information

Data Breach – the first “Class Action” complaint made against Optus

07 May 2020

  • Many Australian businesses must disclose when they have been affected by a data breach
  • While reputational damage is a critical risk for businesses, there is also the threat of monetary penalties of up to $2.1 million and orders of uncapped compensation
  • A representative complaint – similar to a class action – has been made against Optus on behalf of a group of individuals affected by an alleged breach in 2019.
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personal information, Privacy Week, Working From Home, Myths V Facts, Data Breach, Personal information

Privacy and Working From Home

04 May 2020

  • Privacy Awareness Week – an opportunity for all organisations to ‘Reboot your privacy’
  • Organisations are responsible for the actions of their employees – this calls for innovation when ensuring the security of personal and confidential information in the “home office”
  • To be effective, privacy and security arrangements must include appropriate training, clear and documented policies and procedures and management oversight.
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Protecting personal information in a pandemic

26 March 2020

All Australian organisations are facing unfamiliar challenges and pressures as they manage and adapt their business operations in these unprecedented times. It is definitely not “business as usual”.

However, it is important for businesses not to lose sight of their privacy and data protection obligations during this time. This is particularly so as businesses are collecting more detailed and sensitive information about employees, contractors, visitors and other individuals that interact with their business to help manage the spread of COVID-19 and many workplaces have moved to remote working arrangements.

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Notifiable Data Breaches scheme – do you know when you need to notify?

22 October 2019

The Commonwealth Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme has now been in place for over 18 months and has been widely publicised. Your organisation should be aware of its obligations and have a data breach response plan in place so that quick action can be taken if a breach occurs or is suspected to have occurred.

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Biometric Fingerprinting and Unfair Dismissal

23 July 2019

Safety v privacy: In a landmark decision, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Full Bench has held that an employee was unfairly dismissed for refusing to use biometric scanners to sign in at work.

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Tougher penalties to be introduced under the Privacy Act

17 May 2019

Businesses operating in Australia are subject to a kaleidoscope of constantly evolving privacy obligations. As privacy week draws to a close, it is an opportune time to look forward to how the privacy landscape might change in the future, subject to the outcome of tomorrow’s federal election.

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