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Pandemic Orders

Victorian Mandatory Vaccination requirements extended under Pandemic Orders

16 December 2021

The Victorian Government has now extended Mandatory Vaccination requirements for workers until 12 January 2022 under the new suite of Pandemic Orders1.

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Changes to Victoria’s Mandatory Vaccination exemption requirements

19 November 2021

Under the new COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions (Directions) issued on 18 November, workers are now required to provide a current COVID-19 digital certificate as ‘acceptable certification’ to prove an exemption from the Mandatory Vaccination requirements (Vaccination Requirements).

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New proof of COVID-19 vaccination medical exemption requirements in Victoria

05 November 2021

Effective from 6pm on Friday 12 November 2021, Victorian employers must sight more than a medical certificate to establish that a worker is exempt from the mandatory vaccination requirements (Vaccination Requirements).

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Are you ready for the superannuation stapling obligations starting Monday 1 November?

29 October 2021

What is the requirement?

From Monday 1 November 2021, if a new onboarding employee does not nominate a preferred superannuation fund (using the Standard Choice Form), the employer is required to ask the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) if there is already a superannuation account linked (stapled) to that employee. If the employee has a stapled fund, the employer must make superannuation contributions to that fund rather than the employer’s default fund.

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Mandatory Vaccination Directions for Victorian workers released

11 October 2021

Following an announcement by the Premier on Friday 1 October, the Victorian Acting Chief Health Officer has now issued Mandatory Vaccination Directions (Directions) that apply to select workers1 (previously referred to as authorised workers) except those in specific industry groups of healthcare, aged care, construction and education.

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